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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Unaccountable Urges

This great post is from Ignatius Insight columnist Greg Olson. It speaks with crystal clear clarity to Prime Minister Blair's comments and serves as a bookend to the recent post about this same topic taken from Whispers in the Loggia.
Sex, in modern understanding, seems to be the only drive, the only urge that people, and society, don't want to see controlled (even if self-controlled). If one feels the urge to abuse money, food, tobacco, power or any number of things, public outcry is great. If one feels a penchant or urge to temper, violence, gluttony, sloth, or greed (amongst any number of things), we are told to learn self-control.

We care so much about the pollution of the worldly environment (concern over which isn't a bad thing), but seem to care very little about the pollution of the family, the culture, or our society. This latter pollution is far more insidious, and will kill us much faster then the former.
Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated. God love you.

Over at NRO, Jennifer Roback Morse considers the "rubber ideology" embraced by those enamored with sex without consequences, attachment, or meaning:

This ["condomism"] is the belief that all problems surrounding sexual activity could be solved with enough contraception. Some adherents, such as contributors to the recent special issue of the Lancet, go even further. They believe that we could end world hunger and save the environment, if only we had enough condoms. Here are some of the tenets of condomism:

1. Every person capable of giving meaningful consent is entitled to unlimited sexual activity.

2. All negative consequences of sexual activity can be controlled through the use of contraception. Sexual Transmitted Diseases can be controlled through the use of condoms. The probability of pregnancy can be eliminated through contraception, properly used.

3. No one is required to give birth to a baby, in the event of pregnancy. Abortion, for any reason or no reason, at any time during pregnancy, is an absolute entitlement.

4. Any negative consequences of sexual activity that can not be handled by contraception or abortion are not worth talking about.

Sounds about right. Advocates of such stupidity will gush about how wonderful, liberating, and fulfilling is sex without commitment or moral strictures (#1), but cannot conceive (pun intended) that there could actually be a dark side to this amoral/immoral approach to such intimate and powerful actions (#2). But isn't it a basic fact of moral reality that the greater the good, the more devastating are the consequences of misusing and abusing that good? Yet, somehow, through the alchemy of psycho-babble and liberated lifestyles, sex only has meaning if you want it to have meaning. Just like a fetus is a baby only if you want it to be (#3, #4). As has been said numerous times in different ways, there are simply to approaches to life: you can conform yourself to reality and truth, or you can attempt to conform reality and truth to yourself.


bethski said...

accountability is everything. Its SO easy to lie to ourselves to make it better. this is a good reminder...thanks

gotprayer said...

Condomism that a good one like everything under issue today it always black or white with either side. I just once wish you, as well your foes would look at the spectra physical or to say it another way, in the same text, would look at the whole tree and not just a live branch and a dead one. Or prehaps your whole point is to get me to wish I was never given my exsitence after all I did not ask for my existence at least to my knowledge. If this was your objective... well done! For 4 years I have gone with out a spouse. Trying to grasp Christ Jesus and now what I have come to see as the false and empty promises of the self proclaimed moral elitist. Last week I purchase condoms under considerable guilt. For two reasons (1) I am not under oath or orders holy or other wise. and (2) if I get lucky enough to be held, caressed and warmed even if the happy ever after is not so ever after. I say to your emptiness whooee (meaning poop) Love is better than your so call Morality. Time is fleeting better to love if even finite as it where and lacking then to neither be loved or to love. Your morality molding is fine for juveniles and young adults but it has no place for men in mid life crisis in fact it show little compassion to say the least. And just to keep it spectra physical and keep our foes at bay. I do not think this ever so missed act should be multi-plistic either "there can be only one". A couple nights ago I kiss a women long and gentle the longivity of our relationship ended with in that moment. however dispite your view that moment is mine it is not ugly nor is it or was it a hellaious sin nor a forever after loss. I wish it had gone to sex. (what ever the hell that is) That kiss was very cool. It was centristic like my Catholic faith. Maybe not yours but yes mine.

bethski said...

If you have trouble with the spectra physical or the whole tree, THAT requires talking alot to people who have mastered the waiting until marriage thing...or the celibacy thing. Morality IS love. If you dont see it that way, its hard to understand the rest. It has a place for every human being, young and old. My Godfather lost his beautiful wife in their 50's. He is a man of wonderful humorous character, and he waited until he was married again to do ANYTHING. Its all about self control, and loving the person enough to not look at that person in lust. Did I inquire you right?

gotprayer said...

No...bethski It like this I have always lived on the fringe of society to talk to such people only creates a hole of emptiness. To claim I lusted well has no validity either. I loved finite though it be. To lust would be sex with out Love. If that was the case I'd pay and send her out. Now as far as Morality goes mine is centristic while the innuendo of the morality spoken of is well a burden with which not a finger is lifted in assistence. Really its emptiness and leaves me anyways feeling as such. Further more I do not need a lesson in Catholicism I have been a catholic since IAM formed me in his hand. I know very well about not inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven Nor have I not, not choosen the teaching there of. which leeds me to the reason why it would be better if I never exsisted. Since living by the rule which I have, is and has been a false and empty promise. None of it is cognitive no not cognitive at all.

Father V. said...

Love is better than "whooee", but love is modeled for the Christian, and the world for that matter, on the cross. Love requires sacrifice. Without sacrifice the love that you seek is simply a good feeling, a sexual experience, or a fleeting moment of tenderness. Love can encompass all of this, but love is so much more than this.

Further, you dismiss Christ, yet call yourself a "centrist Catholic." Even a "centrist Catholic"-(and I hate to give the name creedance) wouldn't dismiss Christ, I hope. In any case, there is no room for liberal, conservative, or centrist Catholics. What the Church wants, and what Christ demands, is Catholics who think with His mind, the mind of the Church, and live faithful to His life giving and saving mission.

gotprayer said...

which leave me back to where I am at knowing it is better if I never exsisted. I know no love and seeing Christ crucified does not give me a great big embracing hug. it only further the hoplessness of life. A relationship has many more aspects to it than just huggging and loving. maybe by your words I am not a Catholic but be sure of this I sure as Christ crucified am not a christian. if it in fact stands for a innuendo of condemnation and bravado. Prehaps you could class me as a Jew in a non-jewish capacity. Who happen to grasp the word made flesh in the Virgin Marys womb.

gotprayer said...

prehaps when you get to where Iam at its best to remember the words of St Padre Pio pray hope dont worry. Is Christ risen just for those who can follow His demand. I cant. Tried but cant. The thought of frying in the hope of purgatory or hell leaves me in the stale-mate of that I do exsist as much now, as well as after my mortal pilgrimage Lastly conventional wisdom would have it I will wish and do wish I did not.

gotprayer said...

Look I am 45 yrs old I have not had sex outside of marriage. It been well over 4 yrs since I had a spouse. Do I believe in Marriage yes do I believe it is all that should be sought yes. I have said as I said maybe I should stop trusting your ideal of Christ maybe He is not the Son of IAM The son whom I, as well as my Father and my Fathers Father crucified. The real Christ the one disguised in the Euchrist. Further more I have not had sex I only bought the condoms, my thinking was if I Am to cheat on you the Teaching of the Church The Church. I am using a condom. I sure as hell am not taking chances nor am I going try to play in a game of love way under my age. Reality is I just will do as I have been which is neither I will not have sex or have protected sex. I will sit and wait until my pilgrimage is over. I might pray a little on the way. maybe give a little or alot to the physically starving (a penny for the pence)But do not mistake me for one who loves you. I have no love.

Father V. said...

Got Prayer, I must say that your posts have me a bit confused. The cross is the pattern of Love, not only for Christians, but for the whole world. Why? Because the love shown through the cross comprises total self giving, total hope, and total sacrifice. This is love that we must all aspire to.

I will pray for you, and please pray for me. St. Padre Pio, pray for us!

gotprayer said...

I will pray for you. Father I too fall carrying my cross when I started these comments I did not know where my comments were going. The blog just happen to be circumstantial too me, presently. I am not sure I liked where these comments went either. A little too much information. The comments of both you and bethski resonated through my thoughts all night. It is all about sacrifice self giving and hope. I suppose today being the Feast of the Immacualte conception should give me the re-strengthening to follow this seemingly isolated direction. I suppose this has been said before "We are few. We are scattered". thank you Father and bethski be at peace

bethski said...

Peace man

kansagonian said...


Count me among those in prayer with you... for understanding, yes.

More than understanding though- I wish you peace, in your time of misunderstanding.

Trust in the Word of God. Practice Humility. Seek the Love of the Lord, despite its price, ...unearned!

gotprayer said...