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Saturday, December 9, 2006

AmericanPapist Review of "Apocalypto"

I went to see Mel Gibson's new movie Apocalypto last night and really enjoyed it. Mel has once again shown himself to be a great film maker. I had planned to write a blog-review about it, but American Papist wrote such a good review of it, I thought I would link to his instead. He does have spoilers near the end of the review, but he posts warnings!

In a nutshell: A really great movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is violent, but not gratuitously so. It is a fast paced, action packed movie with great character development and a story like that is worthy of both the storyteller and the audience.


Marlana said...

I saw it last night too, with my husband. We said the same things about it. I really enjoyed it, and he LOVED it. I thought it was violent, but it kept to the movie and made a point. Similar to what you said, it wasn't like horror-film violence.

Great movie! I highly recommend it to anyone!

squeaks/errata said...

Hello, Fr. I'd love to see this movie, as I have some Mayan heritage, but I'm a little afraid to see it! See, I went to see the Passion of the Christ, which I do think every adult Christian should definitely see once in their lives. But it traumatized me. And that is no exaggeration - the week after seeing it my brother had on another, much less violent movie where Jesus was being beat up, and I screamed at him to shut it off. I can hardly handle the passion scenes at church. It was like watching a family member get brutalized. And since I have Mayan heritage, this new movie might be a similarly traumatic experience for me.

However I'm glad that the film was made at all. This is definitely a story that has not been told, at least, not in a historically accurate way. The great Mayan civilization deserves to have its story told just as other great civilizations have. His career missteps aside, Mel Gibson is definitely a fine filmmaker.

Adoro Te Devote said...

I have not seen this, but am looking forward to it. Several years ago I read "Aztec" by Gary Jennings, and the book ignited my imagination, (especially having lived in the areas described while I was in college). Now, seeing this movie coming out, while the civilization is Mayan, not Mexica, it may be the movie I was wishing could be produced! These cultures are's so sad that so much was destroyed when the Spanish arrived and decimated all.

Thanks for the review. I'd read some that were pretty ho-hum, so it's nice to see a different opinion.

gotprayer said...

I saw it yesterday It told me way to much info about the history of man and the hopelessness of life. Some how I cant accept thats it all ok because good prevailed. Especially (do not want to give anything away) the piece of land between the corn field and the forest. Still on a rating I rate it another great movie by Mel and well told articulation of that era