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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Assumption of Chastity

This great article is taken from Monsters and Critics.

The Cardinal Newman Society has, over the years, been a strong voice in calling for accountability in Catholic Colleges. This is just one more example of their fine work.

In regard to Catholic Colleges, my question is: Where has the integrity gone? I don't understand how "learned people" can hide under the mantle of the Church in order to attack, defame and undermine her. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Church teaching, integrity demands that if one works for a Catholic institution, and professes belief in the Catholic Church, that one would uphold the teachings and norms of that same Church. To not do so is dishonest at best (and some would hold even sinful).

Pray for the Cardinal Newman Society and the fine work that they do.

God love you!

John Henry Cardinal Newman

Catholic leaders urge chastity on campus
By UPIDec 19, 2006, 23:48 GMT
MANASSAS, VA, United States

(UPI) -- More than 50 leaders of Catholic organizations signed a document Tuesday saying Catholic colleges and universities must 'faithfully and compassionately' address disordered attitudes towards sexuality on their campuses. In particular, the document calls for chastity in students and faculty dealing with same-sex attractions.

'We leaders of various Catholic apostolates encourage all Catholics, united in prayer and action, to faithfully and compassionately address rising homosexual activism, sexual scandals, pornography and sexual addiction, and harmful attitudes toward sexuality, human life, and marriage on Catholic college and university campuses,' the statement drafted by the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) begins.

'The Christian response to the wound of same-sex attraction is not hatred or discrimination, but aggressive efforts to develop a prevailing `assumption of chastity` among students, faculty, administrators, staff, and trustees on Catholic campuses, and an environment available to healing,' reports.

The statement calls on Catholic educational institutions to foster a campus culture that is 'conducive to moral student life,' remembering the Church`s call to chastity for all Christians.

'The overall message is that Catholic universities have the responsibility not to give in to the intellectual fashion today, but that they stay with the teachings of the Catholic church,' President Nick Healy of Florida`s Ave Maria University, told the Naples News.

'The church teaches that [same-sex attraction] is an objective disorder, and should be discouraged.'

The statement urges institutions to educate students about Catholic moral teaching on marriage, human life, and sexuality, and calls for spiritual, psychological and medical guidance for students, faculty and staff who are 'struggling with chastity.'

'We`ve all got disorders and temptations toward evil,' Joseph Fessio, provost of Ave Maria, told the Naples News. 'That comes from original sin. If we were to find people having difficulty living a moral life, we would try to help.'

While 'there is no valid scientific evidence for a biological origin of same-sex attraction,' the document states, 'there is evidence that persons with same-sex attractions can and do change.'

The statement calls on Catholic colleges and universities to avoid financially supporting or participating in events and organizations that contradict the Church`s moral teaching on marriage, human life and sexuality, including on-campus homosexual associations.

As well, Catholic institutions should be careful to hire administrators and faculty who 'respect the institution`s Catholic identity and pledge never in their official duties to contradict or challenge Catholic moral teaching on marriage, human life, and sexuality.'

The document was finalized and signed at the Catholic Leadership Conference in Denver on October 27, and a copy was sent to each U.S. bishop prior to their annual meeting in Baltimore mid-November, according to a press release by the CNS.

Among those who endorsed the statement were the presidents and trustees of Ave Maria College, Ave Maria University, Christendom College, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Magdalen College, the International Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools, and the Catholic Family Network of homeschooling parents.

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