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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible

It's been a while since I have blogged, and there have been a hundred articles I have wanted to post and comment on, but simply haven't found the time too. This video, however, is worthwhile. Very worthwhile.

This video was made by Penn Gillette, the comic and magician, for, I am assuming, his blog. He comments a man he met after a show, and this man is a figure worth hearing about.

Listen carefully, brother and sister Christians. Do we get the importance of what we believe, and then boldly not only proclaim it, but live it?

As I've said from my pulpit, nice people don't go to Heaven, but good people, holy people, do. A very interesting video indeed!

God love you and Merry Christmas to all!

Father V.


J. Ricciardi said...

It was an interesting moment in Penn's life and it seemed like an honest reflection. I think this is how it works. The voice of God is present all the time calling us closer to Him. Sadly, we don't listen, we are confused, we are misled, we turn away. I think Penn heard something he could not dismiss. He seems genuinely affirmed by the man's gentle demeanor. He calls him without question "a good man" and seems to be wondering what it means that a stranger would take the time to care about him. I will pray for Penn, and hope the loving touch of God, the hand he extends to all of us, will be felt by him again and again.

Christian Books said...

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