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Friday, August 15, 2008

A "Man Hug" how-to.

I was reading this morning on the question of "hugging" at the Holy Mass. This video was posted to explain the art of the "man hug". It is very thorough, and a good primer for those not aware of the special rules included in the "man hug."

However, it is best to avoid hugging at the Holy Mass. Simplely shaking the hands of the people sitting to the right and to the left of you is sufficient. The Holy Father has even asked a commission at the Vatican to look at the placement of the "sign of Peace" during the Mass and seeing if it is better placed elsewhere (at the beginning or during the offertory). It's always best to remember that our unity is best signified in the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, itself, and nothing we can do could rival or compare with that. We'll see!

(One more note: Please avoid the "Richard Nixon Twist," as I've dubbed it, during the sign of peace. This is the move when we hold up the peace sign while pivoting at the hips or twisting around, trying to catch everyone's eye so that no one feels left out. It's a bit distracting!)

God love you!
Father V.


Katie Alender said...

LOL! That Richard Nixon move is really more of a "V for Victory" gesture... I can see how it might be out of place at a Mass!

Jackie Parkes said...

We don't have the sign of peace at weekday Masses & only briefly Sunday..

The Rockin Traddy said...

How's about we leave the grope of peace where it rightfully belongs - on the cutting room floor!

Me myself, I am fond of jumping into the air and banging chests with the person next to me.

Some ladies don't appreciate it, though....

Mike Jackson said...

Richard Nixon Twist. I LOVE IT!

Personally, unless it's one of my children, I prefer shaking hands with my neighbor at Mass. Even while in college, I didn't care for it.

bethski said...

HILARIOUS! Thanks, I needed this today!

Mary said...

This video is amazing. As for me, I like watching the monks with their monastic sign of peace the best. What they do is, first the priest comes up to the next priest, grasps his arms just over the elbow, and bows over his right shoulder. The next priest turns around and passes it on to a Brother, who passes it on to the next Brother, and so on. Dignified, hands stay clean, and it's not as busy-looking since it doesn't involve everyone in choir moving at the same time.