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Friday, August 10, 2007

Mexican Masons

Sorry about the long, unannounced hiatus! I was on vacation with my family, and having a great time!

Catholics who speak about "things Masonic" are often thought to be wacky conspiracy theory nuts. I have indeed heard some crazy Masonic stories, but I have also been aware of, personally, Masonic attacks on the Church in some devious, and even diabolical, ways. This article, taken from the Catholic News Agency, should enlighten some who view the Masons as simply a "Protestant Knights of Columbus". (Some protestants are not allowed to join, either).

I would invite any Catholics who are Masons to renounce their memberships (and not to receive Holy Communion until having done so), get to confession, and join the Knights of Columbus! Your time will be better serving the Lord and His Church, and your dues won't be going to activities that you wouldn't want to support.

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Mexican masons lament decline of influence
and launch new attack on the Church

Mexico City, Aug 9, 2007 / 11:43 am (CNA).- After decades of indirectly criticizing the Catholic Church through friendly media outlets, the powerful Mexican Masonry has now directly gone after Catholic bishops, accusing them of pretending to “control” Mexican politics by demanding the right to education and information.

The previous Mexican Constitution, because of Masonic influence, stripped the Church of the right to own schools and communications media. Recently, the Mexican bishops announced they would begin a campaign to regain these rights.

The Grand Lodge of the Valley of Mexico, which brings together 12,000 Masons, reacted to the proposal by calling a press conference in which Great Teacher Pedro Marquez accused the Church of wanting to “return to the past.”

“The Catholic hierarchy wants to dictate a political policy and that is a very grave error, as our society is no longer in the era of Christianity and priests are no longer viceroys of New Spain,” Marquez said.

“There is a tendency in the Church to meddle in the social and political affairs of Mexico, but the priests should return to their Churches,” he added.

Mexican Masonry played a decisive role in the configuration of the Mexican State and in political measures such as the stripping of the Church’s right to own schools and communications media, the right to vote of priests and religious, and the rupture of diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

The anti-clerical policies were kept in place throughout the entire period of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), dominated by the Masons, from 1929 to 2000.

The Mexican bishops, together with the College of Catholic Lawyers, intend to present a proposal to the Mexican Congress that would nullify laws that are “discriminatory and outdated.”


Sister Mary Martha said...

We had quite the discussion over at my blog on the Masons. And Catholics who are Masons.

LapantoKnight said...

this is great blog thank you!

Traveling Man said...


I was one of the Masons who took part in the discussions at Sister Mary Martha's blog.

I am a former Catholic who chose the Lodge over the Church. I was an altar boy for eight years, attended Mass regularly.

I left because in all ages the Church has been opposed to science and reason. I left because it participated and countenanced the horrible torture and execution of those who questioned their world.

While I do not agree that the Church should not be able to own communications facilites and should be prevented from operating schools; perhaps remembering the brutal treatment of the indiginous population by the Conquistadors and the Holy Mother Church may have something to do with it.

Perhaps if Liberation Theology had not been repressed by Pope John-Paul II, and continues to be repressed by the Present Pope, the people of Mexico may be more open to allowing the Church to participate more fully in the marketplace of ideas.

Just to be clear on a point you may have been mistaken about. Freemasons do not pay dues to an international headquarters. In the United States, each state is its' own Grand Jurisdiction, and all dues paid to the Grand Lodge stay in the state unless monies are spent in interstate or international relief, (as in the case of hurricane Katrina). No dues from the United States are comingled on an international level with those of Mexico, so American Masons are not funding that Grand Jurisdiction.

As for the Knights of Columbus, their ritual was developed with the aid of Masons, and according to the sources at my disposal, is partially based on the Knight Templar degree in the York Rite system of American Masonry.

Be Well,

Traveling Man